Rector's Bible Study

Beginning Wednesday, May 12 2021, our rector will offer two short Bible study classes based on the Yale Bible Study program:


  • Formation of the Bible (May 12 and 19)

  • Why Read the Bible (June 2 and 9)


Each course will be offered via Zoom on Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. for one hour. There are no required books and no prerequisite except an interest in learning. All are welcome, including friends inside and outside of the church.


Registration required for participation. Either email or call the office (540-687-6297) and tell us which class you wish to join--one or both!

I. Formation of the Bible

This first offering is a brief introduction to how the Bible as we know it came to be. It was not handed down in finished form--indeed, the Hebrew scriptures developed over a period of some 1,500 years and were not set as a collection until long after Jesus’ death. The first writings of the New Testament came about 20 years after Jesus’ death and the canon was not set for several hundred years. That said, the Bibles we have today differ by tradition about what is included and what is not. The order of the texts differs by tradition, also. Of course the translation also makes a huge difference. We'll learn about this and so much more.


II. Why Read the Bible

Our second offering will discuss the importance of reading the Bible in faith contexts and others. For example, it is essential to be familiar with the Bible in order to understand western literature and poetry. Popular culture also owes a great debt to the Bible as a source of aphorisms, clichés, and ideas in which the culture is grounded. Of course, we know that as a people of faith we need to read the Bible. It is especially true when so many people are willing to claim biblical authority for something that is not in the Bible or has been removed from its context and thus changes the meaning.