Day 2 - Reflection

Respond—verb from the Latin “re-spondere”, “to promise in return” 

To give is to respond. 

We give because someone we regard asks.  We give because we believe it is our duty.  We give because we care about the compelling, unmet needs that an organization is attempting to fulfill.  Ultimately, we give out of love, because God has given us resources that we are willing to share.  We give responsively with gratitude. 

We also give responsibly with thoughtfulness.  We give to one we regard by choosing what will be most useful and delightful to him or her.  We give to organizations by evaluating which are most effective at fulfilling their missions.  We give by pledging because the particular community of God that we share does its job better when it can foresee the resources it will have in the time ahead. 


The promise of abundant life has been given to us.  May our promise in return always be both responsive and responsible.