Day 4 - Reflection

In my kitchen I keep my little blue United Thank Offering box.  Every day I try to remember to place my spare change in the box.  Rarely, though, do I stop to read the prayer printed on the box’s side.  It begins, “Gracious God, source of all creation, all love, all true joy:  accept, we pray, these outward signs of our profound and continuing thankfulness for all of life.  Keep each of us ever thankful for all the blessings of joy and challenge that come our way.” 

What an amazing reminder about gratitude during this season.  Everything we have, everything we see, everything we touch is ours from God, entrusted to our care.  How do we choose to respond?  Do we give coins, a token gift, back to our church; or do we give sacrificially, trusting that our needs will be met?  In my life, I’ve done both.  Some years, when it has been time to make my pledge, I have felt overwhelmed and not overjoyed with the challenges in my life.  In those years I have made a smaller pledge than when things have seemed easier, more joyful.  This year I plan to remember how God is with me through both joy and challenge and to respond with a grateful heart when deciding on my pledge.