Day 6 - Reflection

We talk about giving time, talent, and treasure back to the church as the basis of our stewardship.  All of these are important.  However, it is never a good thing to not give any money—or to not give a proportionately significant sum—just because we let ourselves off with the excuse that we are giving time or talent instead.  All three (time, talent, and treasure) are a mark of our gratitude to God. 

So, giving money is at the heart of what it means to be a Christian.  And, it has been this way all through history.  Whether it is the single mom who actually gives ten per cent of her assistance from the government along with her ten percent of what she makes at a fast food restaurant (and, yes, this is a real person!), the act of giving money to the programs and ministries that benefit God’s work in the world are the foundation of living humbly and gratefully before God.

How believers handle their money is also inextricably related to the depth of their worship.  Whether we put money in the offering plate on Sunday morning or mail it to the church during the week, our Sunday worship should remind us of our continual stewardship of the possessions that the Lord has entrusted to us.  Paul in Romans tells those ancient Christians to present their whole selves to God “which is your spiritual worship.” 

If we do not give properly, we cannot worship properly.  Giving helps set the tone of our faith.  As we give, we get more out of coming to church and out of participating in the life of our church.