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Knitter Sisters




The Knitter Sisters is a gathering of women (although men are also welcome!) who meet on Mondays during the program year. The meeting time varies by season. 


Participants knit prayer shawls and prayer pockets for use by our priest in his pastoral care ministry. Knitters have also crafted prayer squares for people seeking asylum at our southern border. Members work on personal projects as well.

People of any skill level are welcome to participate. There are novices and also those who are experienced and talented in needlework. Our tenured knitters are happy to help beginners take up this enjoyable craft and to help each other learn a new skill or stitch. Additionally, during their time together they also share stories and life experiences.



As we do our needlework together we enjoy a cup of tea and perhaps a baked treat. Of course, we allot time for prayer and we care for each other as group holding each other up during trials and celebrating joys


All our welcome to join our group. We have members from other parishes and denominations who enjoy the ministry and camaraderie of knitting.


Join this community as they create functional works of art with love and compassion for those in need. For more information, contact June Thompson at or 540 338 9327.

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