Our Ministries & Leadership

“Wherever you go, preach the gospel.  If necessary, use words.”

 St. Francis


Since the opening of Emmanuel’s doors in 1843, our parishioners have served the Middleburg community and beyond.  Over the years we’ve tended to the housing, education, nourishment and healthcare of neighbors in need.  Early efforts included help with the electrification of the town, and much later, desegregation of the town’s lunch counters and restaurants in 1961.  We often range farther afield as we did with our Hurricane Katrina restoration trips to Mississippi, and with our current children’s ministries in Africa and India.


We sometimes laugh and say that Emmanuel has as many ministries as members. That’s because so many of our parishioners quietly and prayerfully pursue their own ministries, aside from the larger group efforts at Emmanuel.  Some of those more private ministries involve after-school tutoring, animal welfare, environmental conservation, and grief counseling.


To give a sense of our larger group efforts to live the Gospel, below is a series of “ministry snapshot” posters we recently created during pledge season.  If you’d like to know more about these, or have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact the church office at 540-687-6297.  We had fun amassing all the numbers you’ll see in the posters!